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Hello! Kendo Secrets!

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  • changed supported platform (desktop)
  • fixed the background. Apparently, changes made for editing take centuries on Google Chrome.
  • added Guestbook (new)



  • fixed border not aligned with toolbar.
  • fremoved some pages, needs rework...
  • changed login menu to a button class instead of a form
  • new 404error.html page set up

This is a site I created to shamelessly display my work, personal life, and memories. Never knew why I took a comp sci class, so might as well make my own website. I made this back in highschool before I had ambitions to draw, but I've decided to keep updating this. I have some knowledge with CSS, Python, HTML5 (duh), and JavaScript. I actually want to become a concept illustrator for the entertainment industry, still I approve my ability to enjoy programming in my freetime. Enjoy your visit!

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