human spider

After hearing about the new Spidey game coming out on PS4, I decided to hop on the hype train and take a shot at recreating the swinging mechanic from the original movie game "Spiderman 2" on Playstation 2. I looked at a lot of tutorials on Unreal Engine 4 and the Blueprint system every hour for days while doing this proj. I finished the bare bones of the swinging physics and decided to release the project to the public by the end of summer in July, 2018. I was just starting out college at Art Center, so unfortunately I halted all progress until late December of 2019. A whole goddamn year passed. Unsurprisingly I seemed to forget what or who I was, back then I knew what was happening w UE4 all the time. Unreal engine updated from 4.17 to 4.23, which means alot of my code got outdated and will need some time for conversion. Shit.

But after reading some comments, there were also alot of people still searching for light at the end of the tunnel. This gave me enough hope to get back on the project and update my old work to the newest version. I fixed more bugs with the physics of the character capsule, tweaked some settings for the slow motion and swing speed, introduced a divebomb feature, added motion blur and more post processing shit, drastically increased the gravity, added rushing wind sound effects, and redid the entire locomotion system. i have yet to upload a new video, but when Im finished i will publish one...

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